The Irish People vs. Fine Gael Speech Laws

Successful non-partisan rally took place on Saturday 16th November outside Leinster House on Kildare street. Conservative estimates reported by National press are between 300 plus Patriots.

Ben Gilroy – MEP Candidate and Housing rights activist
Paddy Manning – Journalist and Pro Life Campaigner
Dolores Cahill – Academic and Chairperson of Irish Freedom Party
Patrick Green – President of Direct Democracy Ireland
Michael Farrington – Renua Ireland
Ian O’Doherty – Irish Independent

The Irish People vs. Fine Gael Speech Laws

Non-partisan rally to take place on Saturday 16th November outside Leinster House on Kildare street. SPEAKERS:Ben Gilroy – MEP Candidate and Housing rights activistPaddy Manning – Journalist and Pro Life CampaignerDolores Cahill – Academic and Chairperson of Irish Freedom PartyPatrick Green – President of Direct Democracy IrelandMichael Farrington – Renua IrelandIan O'Doherty – Irish Independent The rest of the line-up will be representatives from ALL of Ireland’s organisations dedicated to defending free speech. All parties and all people welcome. Fight Charlie Flanagan and Fine Gael’s attempt to control what we can and cannot say. No pretext is justifiable to limit speech, “hate speech” or otherwise.

Posted by Yellow Vest Ireland on Saturday, November 16, 2019

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has said he would like to see new legislation on freedom of speech introduced next year.

A public consultation has been launched to update Ireland’s law regulating hate speech.

The consultation phase will run to 13 December, while a second phase dealing with hate crime will be published in the new year.

There have been about 50 prosecutions under the existing hate speech legislation in the 30 years it has existed, with a handful of convictions. The fear is the government will introduce hard-line legislation to prosecute political decent to the FG/FF governments that have caused such calamity across Irish society

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  1. This is the most serious attack on the Irish people since the British occupation of our country people have no idea the of consequences of this proposed legislation Flanagan is Vermin along with most politicians today we must make a stand even if it means going to jail our forefathers died for our liberty we owe it to them and our children

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