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Free speech is the bedrock of democracy. Our nation's founding patriots protected this sacred right with Article 40.6.1.i of the Irish constitution, ensuring you have a right to freely express your convictions and opinions.

The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as a free people.

Mainstream media, Irish political parties, and social media platforms are waging a constant war on our constitutional freedoms.

Moderate & conservative voices are being silenced everywhere for not thinking like the mob. We need to be able to contact you directly in the event we get limited on our social platforms.


Let's get bigger!

We're growing at such an exponential rate, we'll need you to spread the word in your local area. We'll be expanding our content offering and commentary, and we need people in our network to contribute.

We'll also need local volunteers to help organise direct actions, and rally support for local issues.

Yellow Vest Ireland is a people's movement - that means it's your movement. We'll have upcoming regular updates & opportunities for members to contribute very soon.

Let's not depend on Mark Zuckerberg to allow us to talk with each other!