Marching on – time for change

Once again thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers and followers for your ongoing support.

We would also like to thank everyone who visited our new website in recent days – we’ve had an amazing surge in traffic.

Thousands of new visitors have been fully exposed to our demands and story, and we’re glad you’re finding what you were looking for. The time on our website has skyrocketed to an average of 25 minutes per user, on the home page alone.

Crucially, more people are now aware of exactly where to find us online. This is important – as you know, big-tech censorship is a constant threat to free speech and reasonable discourse.

Please continue to share our website in your networks so that everyone knows where to find us if the lights go off on any of our platforms: here at

We would also like to especially thank those who have passionately helped drive so many new people to our new website in recent days. You know who you are, and we appreciate you more than you know.

Yellow Vest Ireland will be expanding our content, program proposals and policy details in the coming weeks and months.

Due to recent smears against Yellow Vest Ireland’s good name, especially over the course of the last week, we would like to make it clear that Yellow Vest Ireland are apolitical, with no party political affiliations.

As our supporters know, we are a grassroots movement for the people by the people, and that will always be our raison d’être and our guiding principle.

We remain dedicated to freeing our nation and people from the chains of oppression – chains that are sometimes hard to see, because you’ve worn them for so long.

We will continue to highlight the disastrous policies our revolving door government inflicts on the men women and children of Ireland. We will also continue to fight for the protection of our constitutional rights, human rights and civil liberties, and to make Ireland better for each and for all.

In recent days, a light has been shone on those who have previously remained in the shadows.  Since our inception, proxies of Ireland’s various political cabals have periodically emerged to attack us. Some will go to great lengths to undermine Yellow Vest Ireland, our goals and our wider vision.

Indeed, efforts to undermine the Yellow Vests are just one of a number of issues that most main Irish political parties have in common. They don’t support us precisely because we are non-political: we are not controllable gears in their corrupt machine. A machine that only ever seems to drive in reverse.

Begrudgers will begrudge. But rest assured, attempts to cause more division in Ireland and destroy what we are building will come to nothing.

This statement is a response to general misdirection and rumour that has been spread across social and mainstream media since the protest on the 12th of September.

Going forward we all need to remain extra vigilant and aware because the bigger we get, the bigger a threat we are to the establishment. The cabal arrayed against us consists of political parties pushing their pretend-differences, and a mainstream fake-news media that knowingly perpetuates false narratives.

The 12th of September’s ‘Time for Change’ event saw tens of thousands of supporters hit the streets, which was a jump from the 10k+ seen at our August rally. We look forward to the numbers growing – the Irish establishment described above has underestimated the intelligence of the Irish people. Their egotism will be their downfall.

Yellow Vest Ireland feel that this movement is maybe our last chance facing the sweeping plans of a broken and corrupt establishment.  We all know that the powers that should not be will do everything in their power to continue to be.

Ireland now needs all hands-on deck to effect real change. The current political system is broken and needs to be taken apart brick by brick. It is time for us to stop accepting this manufactured mess of division, and demand better for ourselves. It is time to demand more for our children’s futures.

Our next ‘Time for Change’ event will be on the 3rd of October at the Customs House, Dublin. Kicking off at 2pm. Please bring your flags, yourselves, your families, your friends, your good cheer, your yellow vests, fancy dress, and musical instruments if you have them.

Let us continue the fight against corruption and for our constitutional freedoms. Let’s also have a national day of celebration – if you need any more excuse to come out, don’t forget St. Patrick’s day that was stolen from you this year.

Yellow Vest Ireland 🍀🇮🇪💚

Erin Go Bragh

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