Interviews from the latest Yellow Vest Anti Corruption Protest

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Yellow Vest Ireland are firmly committed to fighting all forms of corruption on the island of Ireland.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, everything has been Covid-focused recently – and we’ve responded to that by giving people a platform to question the dubious science around mask wearing, PCR tests, and lockdowns.

Some fantastic points here to share with your network – its all about getting out of our bubbles and spreading the message

Yellow Vest Ireland are not anti-mask. We are anti- MANDATORY -mask. There’s an important difference. Aligned with Health Freedom Ireland, we support full bodily autonomy, freedom of speech, and personal decision-making.

If someone wants to wear a mask, fine. We are simply advocating for people in Ireland who have mistakenly (we believe) been told that masks are necessary to live their lives safely. There is plenty of science to suggest this is not the case, and that they breath clean free air and not live in manufactured fear. There may be corrupt reasons why the government are pushing masks also – we need open debate.

The science is out everywhere – even from the US CDC on mask efficacy.
The science is sometimes hard to navigate – there’s a decent explainer here if you need it.

Yellow Vest Ireland are simply helping to nurture debate – something that has been sorely lacking in the mainstream media.

The Irish Government have taken many our sovereign freedoms based on a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Many doctors are speaking out and being censored – DR. Morrissey below was fired from ShannonDoc for speaking out , and many members of the public seem to have managed to inform themselves better than the sitting Government and their NPHET contractors.

Make no mistake, Yellow Vest Ireland are just getting warmed up – we have some great initiatives planned soon, and we will continue fighting corruption in Ireland with your help, and defending the constitution from those who would undermine it for tyrannical ends.

Please share these videos – they are regular people, fighting back against mainstream media the one-sided coverage of Covid. Heroes all.

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