We are a non-political movementYour help is needed.

The fact isIt costs money to grow

  • Fact 1

    We are going up against well funded Political parties with big corporate donors. On top of that, they have free positive coverage from the likes of RTE, and access to a political fund of millions.

  • Fact 2

    Costs for Banners, leaflets, Cameras, transport costs, printing, websites, website hosting, content production, security, and more, are all part and parcel of our movement. Up to now, it has all been voluntary time and money from members.

  • Fact 3

    Any contribution is welcome. You can also give time, as so many already do, and we are indebted to all of the scores of volunteers that help us week in week out in growing this people's movement. We'll be organising plenty more events where we'll be calling on your help.

Whatever Works for YouGofundme accepts both PayPal and Debit/Credit Card.