Yellow Vest Ireland demands, by Ben Gilroy

Yellow Vest Demands

1. We demand, Citizens initiated Referenda similar to Switzerland.

2. Immediate halt on all evictions and cameras allowed in all civil courts.

3. We demand that Leo Varadkar declare a General Election & resign.

4. Cervical Cancer HSE staff responsible fired & Simon Harris resign.

5. Constitutional protection of Irelands water from privatisation.

6. Medicinal Cannabis legalised immediately.

7. Prohibition on TDs from being housing Landlords or beneficiaries. 

8. Return Irelands Oil & Gas reserves to public ownership. 

9. An effective means to Remove corrupt Gardai, civil servants & judges.

10. Immediate distribution of Food/fuel vouchers for people going hungry and cold. 

11. Cap rent per bedroom to 400 Euros per month.

12. Abolishment of the TV Licence.

13. Enforce full corporate tax rate on multinationals and collect revenues owed.

14. A Raise in minimum wage to actual living costs.

15. Abolish household charge and property tax.

Other Demands 

16. Abolish Vulture Funds.

17. Mortgage debt write off for all family homes similar to what Iceland did.

18. Public banking prioritised over private Banking greed.

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