The VisionA better tomorrow for the children of Ireland.

Thank you all for Saturday, our movement is going from strength to strength. Don't forget, October 3rd is Festival of Freedom day.

Remember we are a small group of ordinary people like you, trying to make Ireland a better place. Unlike the politicans, we actually mean it.

We'd like to note that most (but not all) views expressed at the March Saturday were ours, but the people who are with us are smart enough to see that.

There will always be those that try to divide. They won't succeed.

Yellow Vest Ireland is a people's movement...

“If you strike us down now we shall rise again and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it by a better deed.” Pádraic Pearse

Thousands of Irish peoplevoted for 27 demands

  1. Immediate Declaration of a State of Emergency on health and housing crisis.
  2. Immediate halt on all evictions and Constitutional protection of the Family Dwelling

  3. Immediately implement a national building program of social and affordable housing

  4. Return Ireland’s Oil, Gas and Mineral reserves to public ownership.

  5. Constitutional protection of Ireland’s water from privatisation.

  6. Dept of Health and HSE Staff responsible for the cover up of the Cervical Cancer Scandal fired and an immediate criminal investigation into the deaths of Irish woman.

  7. Abolish the Practise of Vulture Funds and end the Finance bill SVP110 act

  8. Prohibition on TDs from being housing Landlords or beneficiaries.

  9. Mortgage debt write off for all family homes similar to what Iceland did.

  10. Constitutional Protection and reward system for whistle blowers on crime and corruption.

  11. An effective means to Remove corrupt Politicians, Gardai, civil servants & judges.

  12. Public banking prioritised over private Banking greed.

  13. Immediate action to stop systemic poverty.

  14. Cap on rent per month set by regional market Values, life time leasing agreements.

  15. Abolishment of the RTE TV Licence Tax.

  16. Enforce full corporate tax rate on all multinationals and shadow banking and collect revenues owed.

  17. A Raise in minimum wage to actual living costs.

  18. Abolish household charge and property tax.

  19. Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Farming legalised immediately.

  20. We demand, Citizens initiated Referenda similar to Switzerland.

  21. Abolishment of The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy/Tax on utility bills to private companies

  22. Abolishment of VAT on public utility and services

  23. Reversal of planned retirement age to 65 years and all state and government employees to only receive pensions at 65

  24. Abolish all Expenses and pensions for TDs and senators.

  25. End fluoridation of the Irish water system.

  26. Indigenous citizens Repatriation Program for Irish Citizens living and working abroad, wishing to return to Ireland to create a life here in Ireland.

  27. An effective means that the State can ‘compulsory purchase’ from Private Banking Mortgages in distress at the 10% to 20% loan book value and add said property to National Hosing Stock until such time the owner is in a position to remortgage the property at current market value less rent paid and that all profits be ring fenced for national building of social and affordable housing and the national pension Fund.

How weintend to accomplish our goals.


Step 1: Peaceful protest

Peaceful protest and advocating for the people, through freedom of speech and intelligent discourse.

Step 2: Consultation with the Irish people

Formulation of our demands for a more just and fair society.

Step 3: Addressing the issues truthfully, without bias

We can no longer rely on the mainstream media to hold the Irish Government to account. We strive to elevate those who will blow the whistle, and speak the truth. Focusing on facts, not feelings.

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Yellow Vest
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